Who can play the Qiu Qiu game?

Yes, this is the first thing we need to know before starting the game. There are certain rules to play the game. There are no gender formalities to play, whoever has an interest can log in to the site and play. But there is an age limitation allotted because the person should be above a certain age to enter into the game. It is followed because they need to spend their money on the game instead of spending family money.

The age limit will vary for each country, though Qiu Qiu may look simply to play it should also have some norms to allow players to enter the game. If they are above a certain age, there is no need for hesitation, they can enter into the game and start playing.

How to deposit the money on the game?

First, players need to register their account on the website for the money transaction. Both deposit and withdrawal will take place on the same account so they need to be careful while entering their bank details. To make the player feel comfortable, the starshelper website makes the online transaction method too. So they can go with the online transfer, card payments, wallets, etc., all advanced technologies are accepted here.

Other than this, another account also needed to link on the website, it is used for the deposition of referral money. Yes, they give us reference money too, we need to invite our friends and relatives through the specific link provided for us. So they can use the link and create the account by this way we can earn money too.

How to create the account?

It can be created easily; players need to fill the application form present on the website. Then they need to accept all terms and conditions present on the site and they will provide us a unique I’d and password. By using this I’d and password we can log in to the account at any time, and it is fully secured. Without our, I’d and password, no one can assess our account, it is a 100% hacking-free site.

How to make a bet?

The gambling game is similar to the slot game, so there is nothing to learn about the game but one thing we need to make sure, that is making a bet. First, we need to check the outcome result given on the scoreboard and then need to make a list of repeated figures and low profile figures. And then we can make a bet using our analysis. So the winning chance will be high and we can win at ease.

Is it safe to choose the starshelper site?

Yes, this starshelper website is officially registered with the government norms. So we can use this site without any issue and it is legal to use. That’s why many players were started using this site and lakhs of players were found here and many new players also signing up daily.

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