What To Look For in a Wedding Venue    

A wedding is an occasion to cherish forever. For the bride and groom, it is an opportunity to have one perfect day, celebrating their love amongst family and friends. No wonder that weddings have become such meticulously planned events, with hundreds of decisions to be made from the wedding band to the napkin colours. Perhaps the most important is the venue – the right venue can truly make your wedding one for the ages. Hence, when deciding on a venue, here are some tips on what to look out for.

How It Looks  

You’ll definitely want to have your wedding in a gorgeous, picturesque locale – a place that makes people gasp the minute they set foot in it. That’s why aside from the traditional church wedding, many couples choose to have their weddings at gardens, beaches, or even extreme locations such as under the sea or on a mountaintop. But if you’re not willing to go that far, there are many wedding venues in Sydney or throughout the country that are a lot more accessible and would be equally memorable.


Something Unique

An underwater wedding would certainly be unique, although it might take some doing getting Nana into a wetsuit. But you’d certainly want something that sets your wedding apart from the rest – a venue that’s not only beautiful, but also adds a special something to the event. Imagine a fairy-tale wedding in a mediaeval castle. Or a period-style wedding in a beautifully preserved historical building. That would be something that not even the most lavish hotel banquet hall can beat.

The Complete Package

Once you’ve found your perfect location, you’ll need to actually have a wedding there – and that means catering, seating and tables, waiters and stewards, music and entertainment, decorations, the works. It might be quite a chore to have all these brought to and set up at your lovely location, so you might want to consider a venue that comes with its own wedding packages and planning. A comprehensive, high quality, value for money package is certainly what you want to look for in order to have the perfect wedding.


If you’ve found a place that would be perfect for a wedding, you’re almost certainly not the first person to have thought so. Check online for reviews of your venue of choice, from couples who have had weddings there before. Pay attention to what they have to say about the food, the service, the reliability and professionalism of the planners – all the things that could potentially ruin your wedding even if it’s at the most spectacular venue on earth. We’re lucky that with the Internet, all this information can be found at the tip of our fingers.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when selecting a venue for your wedding. We know how special and important your wedding is to you. So choose your venue carefully, so that you could have a wedding day that will live on in a special place in your heart forever.

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