Ultimate Guides for Creating the Best Pet Portrait

Pet portraits have various benefits once considered. One of the advantages is that they can be used as gifts. You can present a pet portrait to your loved one or someone special during Christmas or birthday events. Also, you can have a pet portrait for yourself to act as a memory of your loved pet. It is possible to create a pet portrait on your own. If you choose to paint by numbers, take your time to outline the number of pets you have. All you need to consider are discussed below.

Consider Adequate Lighting

In pictures of people, lighting is essential. This is similar once it comes to pets. In fact, in pets, more lighting is required. The reason is that there are many pets with dark coloring. Therefore, in low light conditions, it is hard to capture the dark color of the pet. It is wise to take an exciting photo or take one outside in the daylight. Since you are considering painting by numbers, place your pets in a perfect position that will help you to photograph them.

You ought to think bright. It is advisable to choose an existing photo else to take one outside in the daylight. If possible, you should take them in natural daylight. In case the trip out is not ideal, the right thing you should do is position your pet in exceptionally bright lighting to reduce shadows. If you take photos while near the windows, you will realize that it works beautifully.

Aim for Quality

If you love your pet, consider not to commemorate your love for it by having a sub-par photo. When you want to paint by numbers, you cannot overlook the quality factor. Ideally, lighting changes daily, and you have to move around with your pet. Thus, for a fast-moving pet, you will be needed to take up to thirty photos so that you can choose the right one. Consider avoiding blurry photos at all costs. In case your pet is in motion when you are taking photos, the chances of sacrificing clarity and reducing the quality of your final pet portrait are very high.

Typically, the best photos are up close and personal. This is because they show off crucial details. The right image to choose should be the one where your pet fills the majority of the frame instead of being at a distance. But, you should ensure their face is fully shown and avoid cutting out the edges of their ears. You need not resize the file as it will degrade the image.

Look for Eye Contact

Note that a birds-eye view does not create the best pet portrait. Ensure that your pet is looking directly at the camera. From this, you have a guarantee of seeing everything from eyes and ears to nose and mouth.

Create Your Pet Portrait

Creating a pet portrait is done to show how much you love your pet. From your photos, consider creating a digital pet portrait. You need to ditch the store-bought wall art in favor of a life-size rendering on your pet that will last for years to come.

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