The refund policy of the Samsung repair and the brand

Samsung frequently gives the new updated to users from time to time; in such ways, they are also come up with the launching of new time after a particular period. Customers always crave the new and developed smartphones of the game. Each time they got the exceptional and the finest feature that will make them fall in love with the brand. The sleek design of the Samsung mobile, most excellent high-resolution camera quality, upgraded and clean pixels of the video, and the picture capturing each time are always surprising people.

In the case of the new launching of the mobile phone model, most of the people wanted to change their smartphone with t5he new one. For that, they look for the cancellation of their old phone’s extended warranty and ask for a refund. On that measure, the Samsung Repair centers or the dealers are not liable for any claim.

In case the user buys the new mobile phones and wants to cancel their old phones extended warrantee plan, then there is no such policy available for the customers. There shall be no refund given to the customer for the expiry of their card. They cannot claim any amount in changing of their handset. The warranty and bill of the smartphones do not allow transferring to the third party of the authority.

No responsibility for the data

When any customer bought their mobile phone to the Samsung Repair, they have to be careful with their device data. They should back up their smartphone data in their other gadgets or pen drive. If you are not giving your device to the care without doing a reset or erase your data, then the safety measure is all up to you. The company or the authorized center will not be liable for any loss, and the misuse of the data. The handset will remain as it is on the risk of the customer. Samsung shall not be payable or responsible for any kind of loss or damage due to damage to your documents or the storage.

Backup and keep your data safe

Before giving your phone for recovery in Samsung Repair, customer should back up their data and the other images that he/she have in their gallery. They should not be careless with phone storage. Because the all risk is on the customer so people should be even more take care of these things. In case of repairing, you lose your data, and it will not be the responsibility of the staff or the engineers.

Extend your warranty on one call

Samsung surprises its customers each time with the amazing and the eye catchier service, whether it is related to the offers or the features of the mobile phone. Now, the brand has come with the facility in which buyers can extend their one year warranty up to 3 three years. They have to pay a small amount for the service and after this user can avail of the different and superb services provided by the company.

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