The pros of having a huge Instagram following

I know you have listened to many people out there telling you that buying Instagram followers is such a bad thing. You are free to listen to them if you like, but before you do what they tell you, you need to understand what you will be losing by not buying Instagram followers. These days, there are many service providers that provide free instagram followers to those who need them. Of course you will be required to pay a small price, but the price is so small compared to the number of followers you get that it can be regarded as free.

In this article, I want to look at some of the advantages that will come to you when you have a huge number of followers on your Instagram account. These benefits should be motivation enough for you to want to get more followers.

It is funny how the world works that way, but the fact remains that it does. Having more followers will naturally get you more followers on your Instagram account. What happens is that when you have a big following on your Instagram account, consumers think that your brand or business is more established and as a result, they follow you. That means that if your competitor has more followers, more consumers will follow them instead of you and that will make it even harder for you to grow your following organically.

Buying followers, especially when you are just getting started gives you the boost that you need so that you can then grow your following organically. It is harder to grow your following organically from scratch because won’t follow an Instagram account that has say ten followers. Visibility is another pro of having a big audience.

Instagram has a user newsfeed where they show brands to users based on certain criteria. Instagram bases on several factors to determine which brands are shown to users and one of the factors they base on is the number of followers the account that is associated with the brand has. If your account has more followers and a huge engagement, Instagram will rate it higher and as a result, your brand will appear at the top of the newsfeed of more users. This is very important because it gives your brand a bigger visibility. Your brand can rank higher in your industry, giving you the competitive advantage, you need to be more successful. Having a huge following will also raise engagement with your audience.

If you buy real followers, some of them may actually engage with the content you post on Instagram and that will encourage the followers you gain organically to also engage with the content. This way, you get more likes, views, and comments when you post content. However, this will only depend on the quality of the followers you buy. If you happen to buy followers that are generated from bot accounts, the bots may say the wrong things in the comments, which can drive away the few followers you may have gained organically.

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