I bet you never knew this about online casino

Casinos have come a long way to what they are now. Initially, all forms of gambling were conducted in land-based casinos and in homes, but never on the internet. However, that change when internet was introduced and every aspect of our lives started to take place online. Soon after internet and later the web were introduced, people started shopping, meeting, dating, and just about every started to happen online. Fortunately, gambling was never left behind. Computer scientists started to find ways to take the old-fashioned, brick and mortar games online with the introduction of the first online casino. This new introduction was received ecstatically by every gambler who could afford a computer and an internet connection. The fun wasn’t going to end there because live gambling games were introduced to try and bridge the gap between land-based casino gambling and online gambling. This latter introduction was received even more ecstatically as the old folks who didn’t believe in online gambling could relate better with the user experience live dealer casinos offered.

Wow! That’s too much history about online gambling for one day. Let’s look at some of the facts most people don’t know about online gambling.

Slots were fruit machines

You ever wondered why some or most slot machines usually have beautiful pictures of fruits drawn on them or you always thought that it was a coincidence? Well, if you thought it was a coincidence, you couldn’t be more wrong. Those pictures of fruits are more like a remnant evolutionary feature that won’t go away just like chicken can’t seem to be able to lose the scales on their legs because they evolved from reptiles. The pictures of fruits you see on slot machines come from the fact that early slot machines offered wins in the form of fruit flavored chewing gums. You would slide in a coin and then Walla! You have your chewing gums. The reels had symbols of fruit images like apples, oranges, melons, and cherries among others.

Online roulette is ‘the Devils game’

If you have played roulette at any point in your life then you must have noticed that the numbers on the roulette wheel usually total to 666. Now, if you are a religious person, you must know that this number is often associated with the devil. This has made roulette to be referred to as the Devil’s game. Some people even stay away from this game because of this myth. Well, this is just a myth and should not scare you from the game.

Gambling is popular across both genders

Do you like gambling in a land-based casino? If you have been going to a casino for long enough, especially in the last few decades, you must have noticed that the number of men was always bigger than that of women. This is true given the history of gender bias that has always ailed the human race. However, thanks to the internet, things have changed a lot. With the introduction of idnlive casinos, the number of male gamblers is just as high as that of their female counterparts. Women are gambling just as much as men.

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