How to Pick the Right Eminent Domain Attorneys?

There are situations when the government might be considering the acquisition of one’s property. The reasons will vary from developing a broader sewer system in the city to improving the highway projects. The condemnation of property for economic development seems to be the worst circumstance. Regardless of the circumstance, the unwanted interference of the government in one’s property will force him/her to reflect on the rights and fight against the odds. This is where an eminent domain lawyer can be of great help. Before picking one legal expert and investing money, it is better to focus on his/her experience, track record, and knowledge.

Trial Experience

It is essential to ask the potential lawyer whether he/she has served as an eminent domain lawyer in the trial. Asking the attorney directly and getting an answer will help one to understand the experience of the lawyer in the specific law field. Several law firms advertise themselves as experienced and competent experts in eminent domain jury trials. Handling eminent domain jury trials are different from other types of law cases. Thus, trial experience plays a significant role in the case’s success.

Asking Questions

Considering the following questions will help one to assess the competence of an attorney.

  • How many eminent domain cases have been handled by him/her?
  • How many cases have been taken to trial?
  • What are the types of properties handled?
  • Which states he/she has taken cases?

Questioning the potential lawyer and him/her assess the appraisal and carry out a case assessment. A competent and experienced eminent domain lawyer can precisely evaluate and then explain one’s losses. Additionally, the lawyer can also estimate the amount that is owed to one.

Representing the Rights and Best Interests of the Clients

When a property owner is seeking an excellent eminent domain lawyer, he/she has to find an expert who represents the rights and the best interests of the owner. The lawyer shouldn’t be someone who represents both the property owner and the condemning authority. Such a move will complicate the whole case, and there will be a conflict of interest. Furthermore, the lawyer might pressure the property owner and try to settle the case as the earliest.  One needs to be careful while hiring an attorney experienced in eminent domain jury trials and representing both parties.

Setting Expectations

When picking a reasonable attorney, one expects him/her to understand the essence of the case. The property owner also expects to know how much money he/she is entitled to receive. A good eminent domain lawyer discusses every strategy with the client. Furthermore, he/she also tells how much money is pursued and the final reward of the damages that will be awarded. One must also be aware of the fees the eminent domain lawyer will charge and set expectations accordingly.


Those mentioned above are vital elements that must b considered when picking an experienced eminent domain lawyer. Sometimes gut instinct also plays a big role in choosing a reliable and efficient attorney.

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