Factors to Consider when Marketing your Aircon Servicing Business in Singapore

Whether you are launching a business that offers aircon servicing Singapore or have been operating for a while now, you must promote your business. But, as consumers prefer to shop for services and products online, it only makes sense to make your business available online. Also, to tap into a huge number of consumers who are using the internet, you must market your business online. But before you can start marketing, you must consider the following to make it attractive to your target audience:

Kinds of Services

Customers have a variety of needs including refilling aircon gas and servicing the coils. Also, the may need accessories and consider these before they contact your business. Your customers want to have the exact estimation of the service they need plus the cost.

Your Target Group

Aircon servicing companies can cater to commercial customers, residential customers or both. Determining your target group will help ensure you have the available talent and equipment that can take care of your customers’ needs.


If you want to make the most out of your customer base, ensure you are accessible round-the-clock. Although the actual repair will be done at your customers’ most convenient time, you should have customer representatives who can attend to customer requests at any time of the day and night.

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