Expert tips on paint by numbers

Are you an expert in paint by numbers or you want to try to become one? Paint by numbers for Adults helps in ensuring that you become an expert by the use of the following tips:

Clogged brushes

The paint normally comes in the paint by numbers kit and it is usually the acrylic paints type. It is a thick paint and thus, gets stuck in the brush immediately it dries and doesn’t come out easily. It is something that eats up on your time in removing it. You can use the nail polish and dip your paint brush in it for some few seconds. The color which gets clotty will leave hairs of the brush very fast without a hassle.

Don’t hesitate to use water

It is recommended that you don’t use the colors direct on the canvas. Because the colors are thicker, it is best if you added a few water drops in it before you start to apply to ensure that you have consistence as per your needs.

Wet piece of cloth

You will need to clean your brushes frequently when you start your painting and thus, it will be best if you utilized wet piece of cloth instead of going for the paper towel. The paper towel is known to wear very fast if you compare it to the piece of cloth. It will assist to remove the paint residuals from the brush effectively and quickly.

Be comfortable with the brushes

There are times it might require some more effort in order to work with the new brushes, although the brushes which come with the kit still work ok. But it is recommended that, if you have brushes which you are used to, then utilize them instead of the ones which come with the paint as the comfort and the control it will give you. If you happen to be a painter, then you have to know why it is so when it comes to using new brushes.

Art blurring

If you like to give the corners and the background of the picture a look that is blurry, then the best would be to stroke the color that is painted over the others which is near on the canvas using a dry and clean brush or you can use your finger tip as well.  If you want to slow the process of drying, then use a retarder for better blurring.

Purpose of three brushes

There are normally three brushes of different sizes that you are going to find in each kit. Each of the brushes has a different job to be done. The small, the medium and the big are used for crispness, sharpness and softness respectively and for the small and large areas. But you can as well use them as per the way you want, according to your specific needs, while remembering that you don’t have to paint all the parts using the same brush. You have an option of buying other sets of brushes too.

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